Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

 1 - How is the shipment process ?

Once the payment is completed and verified the client receives a confirmation email. The goods are prepared to be shipped from destination closest warehouse. Shipping is done. Tracking ID is sent to customer (USPS in USA, Royal Mail in UK). Then the Client can track the package online. Finally Package is delivered to client.

2 - Where is RokStarZ located ?

We are a Canadian startup located in Toronto and California. We have our main store in Toronto, but we sell online and ship to all North America, Europe, Australia and South America. 

3 - How do I know the product sizes?

All sizes are specified in the product page. If you need more information regarding size charts for different countries click here

4 - What if I want to contact you ?

You can contact us at any time regarding any question you may have via Facebook or via email. If you are in Canada you can contact us in person in our main store at 221 Queen street W. in Toronto, Canada. In California we are not yet open to the public.

5 - What guarantee do I have that I will receive my product?

You will have a tracking ID so you can track your package at every moment (USPS in USA, Royal Mail in UK). Once your payment is complete you will receive a confirmation email, once your product is ready to be shipped (usually two or three days later as we tend to ship in big bulks) you will receive the tracking ID in your email.

6 - Can I return my product or get a refund ?

Yes. You can return your product and/or receive a 100% refund as  long as the reason for it is in compliance with our Return and Refund Policy




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